Arduino Adventure: Introduction and Day 1

Something amazing happened to me…

Through a series of internet relations built on inspiration and knowledge, I was gifted an Arduino Starter Kit*. arduino box

That is the short version. The long version is that for the past three years I have been questing to find a better me. I have taken classes from Mindfulness to Machine Learning. I promised myself long ago that I would say “yes” to opportunity and teach what I learned.

Learning isn’t just about how quickly you pick up concepts or how variously you can apply them. Learning is also about the process of breaking in your brain, proving logically why information is true, and debating the other solutions with your inner monologue**.

I had a lot of emotions about learning. Some were hard to identify or keep straight, but I needed to get through them. I made up my mind to track my learning journey one project at a time, one day at a time. I took note of things such as time spent, project description, ideas for next time, and feelings.

If I am anything in this world, I am a living, breathing, science experiment.

Yes, I made a spreadsheet.


Day 1

Project: Build the Wooden BaseD1 wooden

I followed the visual directions and assembled the wooden base. I connected the Arduino to the base with screws and used the sticky back to adhere the breadboard.

Feelings: “So inspired. So grateful!! Ready for next.”

I was still high off the package delivery so this whole day I felt like a real winner. I honestly felt like I could take over the world. I may or may not have claimed to be doing that on social media.

Next Up: Download Software and test this puppy out!

*It is important to note that I had zero experience with Arduino when I began this and I do not claim to have any special powers in hardware or digital circuitry. What I do have is a will to learn and at least 1 hour a day.

**It is also important to note how much my inner monologue loves footnotes.