Arduino Adventure: Day 2

I woke up early, made a giant pot of coffee, and reread the introduction. Forget for a moment how nerdy that is and remind yourself that I typically don’t pay attention to manuals until after a total factory meltdown. I must really care about this.

Day 2

D2 software

Project: Its software day!

I downloaded the software and only had a wee bit ‘o trouble getting everything to run automatically. The booklet is amazing and helpful. It has both the laymen’s verbiage and technical nomenclature that will become important if I continue this in the future.

There is also a ‘blink’ test. I followed instructions to change the speed of the blink from 1000 to 100, just to make sure I was the one in control.

Feelings: “I am doing it… I did it!”

I can’t even tell you how much silly pride I was filled with over a simple download. I think it goes along with how grateful I am and how much I don’t want to fail my internet angels.


I thought about continuing on and starting the first project, but I will tell you why I chose not to with a brief, moderately-related anecdote.

Just after leaving art school and before entering college, I had to take placement tests. I placed in Math 20. For those of you not in the know about how ridiculously low math classes go; that is fractions. Fifth grade math. I was devastated and felt pretty low about my abilities, but also knew it was totally accurate. I had never cared about trying much and this was the repercussion of that. If I was going to make it from art kid through a Geology undergrad, I needed that math class (and 5 more before they actually counted toward my degree, but that is another story). So, off to Math 20 I went. I knew most of the stuff they were talking about, but a few concepts that had gotten away from me started coming back too. I ended up with an A+ in that class. My first college math class. The feeling of “getting it,” of understanding, of mutha effin pride… I was buzzing with confidence. A confidence that I rode through 8 or nine more math classes till the day I got my diploma. None of those additional math classes were easy, but they were attainable. Attainable because I took small steps and allowed myself to feel proud.

In that vein, because it worked before, I am taking this slow and steady and enjoying the process.

Next Up: Simple circuit with some sort of light thingy!