Arduino Adventure: Day 4

I don’t know what motivates the average person. There are days I find it difficult to move one figurative foot in front of the other, figurative, foot. Not for lack of desire, I find myself utterly frozen with this idea of the “right” environment. “Screw that!” I heard myself say to my other self. “Let’s build a spaceship!”

Day 4

Project: Spaceship Interface!20171219_103932


Today built off of the last project a bit. My experience learning python helped some since I had heard some of these coding terms before. And by coding terms, I mean words like ‘function,’ ‘integer,’ and ‘ if, else.’ The first part of this project had me following the diagram for wiring. The next part had me inputting the code. The rest was the fun stuff.

Here’s a video of me pressing a button!



Feelings: “Motivation is tough today. Feeling very picky about having the right environment to learn… whatever that means.. What did I just do…?”

Oh emotional baggage, my old friend.

I have a little side story to share. Something that has been milling around, making sense for a while. Occasionally I meet up with an artist friend to discuss process and projects. He told me about this other artist he knows, “Dave.” Now Dave is a fantastic artist. He sketches realistic portraits and landscapes. A true master of his craft. Both Dave and my friend see one another at the local coffee shop. One day, Dave took a seat. Dave carefully unpacked his bag of art supplies, setting a stack of drawing boards to his right, coffee to his left, and infront of him, the pencils. Dave had the tools of his trade all lined up. He had his coffee’s steam cheering him on. When Dave looked down, he noticed he was missing a pencil. It was the pencil he always made his first lines with.

Dave turned to my friend and said, “Well, today’s a wash. I didn’t bring my pencil. Guess this will have to wait till tomorrow.”

Dave was an amazing artist. Dave taught himself to draw by using whatever tool was closest and making marks that symbolized his inner vision. Dave had a true artists mind, never once following the well worn path of societal norms. And yet, here was Dave, frozen because of a fine-tipped pencil.

We are so halted by “things.” Feeling like we need the right pencil or we cannot draw at all. Feeling like the weather has to be just right to head out on that hike. Feeling like we need high-priced technology to learn to code. I just want to sit on that thought a minute. What am I telling myself I need that I do not already possess? Why are those physical items an excuse for a mental process? Why am I not good enough to try, just as I am? 


Next Up: Love-O-Meter (That should be a telling blog post)