This Is Me

31047778_979252095574658_5404886836420018176_nHi you! This is me in my natural element. I look pretty much the same on the outside, day to day and year to year. Not much changes on the outside, but inside I’m on fire. I have a lot of confidence in my abilities. You probably feel the same way about yourself, but I bet you downplay a lot of your accomplishments. Let’s stop doing that and allow ourselves to be human, ok?

We just start, and start again.




To get out of that funk, experts tell us to get active. I agree. Fresh air is the best place to ugly cry. But there are other, ways to remind ourselves how incredibly awesome we are. Remember, we all have our reasons for finding ourselves here. You are not alone.

You (we* you are not alone, remember?) could be dealing with an illness and I encourage you to talk to a doctor as a means of educating yourself. There are a variety of treatments for depression outlined on This Way Up, among some dope infographics that make you envision your body as part of The Borg.

Let’s try practicing Mindfulness:

How about we listen to Sade, she’s been through it all:

Or watch kittens in a tiny house:

Or email me at ThinkBait and we’ll just talk it out: