Diorama: Trap House

I recently came across many tiny boxes. I collected them in a slightly bigger box and set them on a shelf, feeling like a proud, proud squirrel. Hoarding items based on the soul criteria that they are “cute” and “tiny” is normal for me. Actually using something I’ve hoarded would be the challenge. I asked a […]

What to Expect While Expecting To Die in Space

The probability that you are ever going to accidentally or willingly walk into space unprotected is quite low. I am not going to insult you by assuming you’d be floating through space unprotected, not like those other writers on the internet. In other articles, this topic has been treated light-heartedly. More of a morbid curiosity. […]

Time Travel: Hey Sandy, I Wasn’t THAT Bad!

Once upon a time, I was a Geology major and padded some of my course work with fiction and literature classes. I was under the delusion that I could inspire love for Geology by cleverly combining Earth Science facts with thought provoking creative writing skills. I was wrong. Very wrong. My instructor at the time […]

There’s Something In My Eye!

Spending the day home with a mild case of viral “pink eye” combined with a recently published article really makes one curious about the power of the eyeball. Through my good eye, I managed to pound through a few articles between magma-hot compresses and get the skinny on some of the advances in eyeball research. […]

TI Piechart

Years ago I acquired a taste for T.I. I think it’s best if I don’t try to over explain it. As it tends to happen, an ex took off with my entire CD collection. I found myself left with the music on my dying macbook (as well as on my totally awesome minidisk player). In […]

The How To Make A List, List (Part 1)

I have a lot of obsessions, interests, and ideas. Historically, I also have a problem with procrastination. Recently, I found myself face to face to face with all my neurosis. Admitting I was “busy” wasn’t going to cut it. I needed some symbolance of action. I spent my only free day last week writing this blog post […]

The Big “O”

One of the best communication tools I have seen is the Big “O.” About 10 years ago I met some old highschool friends at a bar for a reunion of sorts. We sat around a big table and shared stories of what we’d been up to. How life treated us. Our sorrows, fears, and few […]

Time Travel: Illustrated Edition

As I peek into the past, I try to keep in mind all that I have learned through experience (and research). I adorn a judgement-free, emotionally protective “helmet.” I try to outfit myself with the perspective of a 18/19 year old artist. Still, I find the subject matter haunts me. There are pages of journals […]

Is This A Good Time?

If you are anything like me; nervous, frightful, awkward… then there has probably been a day recently when you were trying to figure out if it was too late to respond to that work email, too early to call a friend on a weekend, or if it’s still rude to call during dinner (it is). […]