The Dream Project


Welcome to The Dream Project

Have you ever wondered what the listener is picturing in their mind as you recount the events of your dreams? This is your chance to find out. By providing a detailed description of a dream, you will become part of a collective of stories retold through pen and ink cartoons. Together we will make sense out of the indescribable. We will relate to moments beyond the physical. We will wonder what would happen “if.”


The Dream Project is a collaborative storytelling effort where you, the dreamer, contribute ambiance and plot through the waking descriptions of your dreams. These stories are then drawn by an artist to match the information provided. Stories will be combined into a larger collection with the intention of provoking deeper thought on how we perceive and translate the human experience.


How do I contribute to the Dream Project?

  • Provide written document describing a dream that occurred while asleep. The easiest way to contribute is to fill out a Dream Submission form below.
  • Character names may be provided in either in nickname, in full, or two-letter initials, followed by a number if needed. Character detail is extremely important in cartooning. Please provide as much detail about character appearance
  • and personality as possible. How would I pick them out in a crowd?
  • Include details such as time, location, or structures when describing the setting. Ambiance is part of setting the tone for the cartoon. What does the room “feel” like?
  • Submissions must be named and dated for full contribution credit.

When do I get to see our cartoon?

As part of a larger body of work, the Dream Project aims to provide an accessible catalog of stories, from varying perspectives, originating from an unused aspect of our creativity. After dream submission, most cartoons are rendered within 2-4 weeks. You will receive a copy of your dream cartoon “soon” after.

What happens if I change my mind at any point?

Though a large portion of this project is handled by the artist, the words in the stories themselves remain your property. If at any time you, the dreamer, wish for the story to be omitted from the collection, that wish will be honored in a timely manner after contact. The artwork will remain unaffiliated property of the project artist.




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